Glossary in The Elder Scrolls Legends will be listed here. This page will include a list of common terms used in the game, to help players better understand the game.




Activate: Supports with Activate abilities can be used once per turn

Cover: A creature with Cover can't be attacked for one turn.

Equip: Items can be equipped to creatures. This gives the wielder additional stats and sometimes abilities.

Extra Cards: Decks are limited to 3 copies of each card (or one of each Unique). Click this icon in your collection to Soul Trap your extra cards into Soul Gems.

Field Lane: The left lane is normally the Field Lane. Creatures summoned here are immediately vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Heal: When a creature is healed, restore it to full health.

Premium Mode: Premium cards are alternate versions that have special image treatments. When Premium Mode is selected in your Collection, they appear in a separate stack, after any regular copies of the same card.

Runes: Players start with five runes. Each time a player takes five damage, a rune is destroyed and if that player draws a card with Prophecy from this rune loss, it may be played for free.

Shadow Lane: The right lane is normally the Shadow lane. Creatures summoned here receive Cover, which prevents enemy creatures from attacking them for one turn.

Silence: Silencing a creature destroys all items on it and removes all abilities and stat modifications.

Soul Sight: Use this to see cards in your collection that you don't own yet. Select a card you have 0 copies of to open Card info and see how you can Soul Summon a copy.

Soul Summon: Spend your Soul Gems to Soul Summon new cards. Create more copies of cards you own or add cards you have 0 copies of to your collection.

Soul Trap: Select an owned card in your Collection to open Card Info, where you can Soul Trap that card and turn it into Soul Gems.

Special Lanes: You can also play with many special lanes in TESL. Play Solo Arena or Story mode to try them.

Target: Any card that drags an arrow to a particular card to play its effect is targeting that card.

Transform: Transforming a creature replaces it with a new one and plays its Summon abilities.

Wounded: A Wounded creature is one that has been damage or had its health lowered by a debuff.

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