Patches in The Elder Scrolls Legends will be listed here. This page will be updated as patches and changes are released to the game and its Cards.


 Patch 1.69 - December 14th, 2017

  • Many audio and localization issues were fixed.
  • The regular art version of Laaneth is now craftable after you earn the non-premium version.
  • Hunter-Killers now appropriately dies to Lethal damage before getting to Battle a second time.
  • Mecinar's Abomination no longer loses the Abomination type when it leaves play.
  • Serpentine Stalker can no longer attack non-Guards in the opposite lane if the opponent has Lydia in play.
  • Whiterun Protector now correctly gains Guard when its Beast Form triggers while it's under Arrest.
  • If a creature is stolen by Mecinar's Will and then Transformed, the newly Transformed creature will no longer be returned at the end of the turn.
  • Using Grappling Hook on a creature that fails to move due to a full lane no longer counts as the creature moving for the purposes of cards like Dune Smuggler.
  • Cards that draw a card and modify it in some way (Thieves Guild Recruit, Fate Weaver, and Nahkriin) are fixed to draw Out of Cards when the player's deck is empty.
  • Pure Blood Elder's interaction with Hist Speaker has changed. If you play a Pure Blood Elder with Hist Speaker in play, the Elder has no effect on Hist Speaker's magicka gain. If you play Hist Speaker with a Pure Blood Elder already in play, however, it gains 2 magicka instead of 1. In both cases, when Hist Speaker leaves play, you will lose 1 magicka.
  • Dragon Aspect was incorrectly weak hinting enemy creatures.
  • Back-Alley Rogue lost the ability to steal Cover from itself.
  • Treasure Hunt timing was tweaked to no longer interrupt other effects.
  • For example, if you draw two cards and the first completes a Treasure Hunt, the Treasure Hunt now won't trigger until after the second card is drawn.
  • The timing of Keyword granting and Silence was changed, so that if a creature were to be granted Keywords and Silenced simultaneously, it will gain the Keywords first and then be Silenced.
  • Hidden Trail now visually changes the Field Lane's icon into a Shadow Lane.
  • Silenced creatures in the Heist Lane now correctly Pilfer for +1 magicka.
  • In Streets of Riften, it was possible for the Prized Chicken to die without you getting charged with Murdering it. Now no matter how that
  • Chicken dies, you're at fault.
  • Creatures moving into the Shadow Lane in the Sightless Pit were failing to gain Cover.
  • Theft is now allowed in Castle Wayrest: previously, stealing enemy cards in this Dark Brotherhood mission caused the game to crash.
  • Completing Abandoned Imperfect's Treasure Hunt by breaking your own rune on your turn no longer freezes the game.
  • Fixed a bug where Raise Dead summoning an enemy Slay creature that had slain was causing the game to hang.
  • AI will no longer use Reconstruction Engine when its lanes are full.

Patch - September 21st, 2016

  • Starter Pack Now Available! – The new Starter Pack is available as a one-time purchase. It includes 10 packs of cards (at least one guaranteed Legendary card), a special Title, and three alternative art cards.
  • Main Menu Flow – New menu flow for easier navigation.
  • New Card Sellback System – If a card you have gets nerfed, you will have a limited time to sell back the card for its full crafting cost.
  • Changes to the Ranking system
    • Loss protection ends at The Lord
    • Ascending to next constellation requires a win at the topmost star
    • No bonus matches at The Warrior and beyond
  • Soul Gem Cap for Practice Mode - Instituted daily cap of 300 soul gems for Practice Mode rewards.
  • Wording Updates - Many cards have had their game text wording improved. These changes were made for clarity and consistency.
    • The most noticeable templating change is for cards that draw created cards like Plunder. Instead of "Draw two random items," it says, "Put two random items in your hand." This helps clarify that you don't need items in your deck to play this card.
  • Creature Types - Two large creature types, Animal and Undead, have been split up for flavor and gameplay reasons. Creatures that used to be "Animal" are now Beast, Reptile, Spider, and Mudcrab. Formerly "Undead" creatures are now Spirit, Vampire, Skeleton, and Mummy.
    • Dawnbreaker still targets the same group of Undead, and Wild Beastcaller still gets the same range of Animals.
    • However, Bone Colossus now is a Skeleton that boosts your Skeletons, which is a gameplay change.
  • Card Balance Changes
    • Rift Thane – Back to 4/2 with Breakthrough when you and your opponent are tied on life. This was an unintended change in the last patch.
    • Wispmother - Does not copy itself even if it has cost 2. It will continue to work with other cards that have their cost reduced.

Bugs Fixed

  • Numerous AI fixes
  • Numerous localization fixes
  • Added error messaging to Friends system


Patch - August 3rd, 2016

Bugs Fixed

  • Various Minor Bug Fixes

New Features

  • Opponent avatar hitbox contextually grows to help targeting

  • Longer 30 card game history

  • New end of game flow

  • Audio continues while the game is inactive in the background

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