Cards in The Elder Scrolls Legends are the core of the game, and form the decks that players design around Classes and Races. For deckbuiding basics, consult the Rules page.

See Monthly Cards for the cards released as rewards every month for ranking up in the game.


Cards Information



Nord Firebrand

Improvised Weapon

Covenant Marauder

Fiery Imp


Rapid Shot


Relentless Raider


Sharpshooter Scout

Steel Scimitar

Afflicted Alit

Bone Bow


Graystone Ravager

Jerall Forager

Mage Slayer

Northwind Outpost

Orc Clan Captain

Orc Clan Shaman



Rihad Horseman

Silvenar Tracker

Assassin's Bow

Battlerage Orc

Blighed Alit


Cast Out

Fearless Northlander

Gladiator Arena

Mighty Ally

Morkul Gatekeeper

Raiding Party


Riften Pillager

Rihad Battlemage

Skaven Pyromancer

Stone Throw

Valenwood Huntsman

Withered Hand Cultist


Alik'r Bandit

Alik'r Survivalist

Bangkorai Butcher

Bog Lurcher

Earthbone Spinner



Heavy Battleaxe

Lumbering Ogrim

Orcish Warhammer

Rampaging Minotaur

Reive, Blademaster

Skirmisher's Elixir



Whiterun Trooper

Blood Dragon

Fortress Watchman

Grahtwood Ambusher

Wood Orc Headhunter


Burn and Pillage

Child of Hircine

Dread Clannfear

Initiate of Hircine

Triumphant Jarl

Whirling Duelist


Belligerent Giant

Savage Ogre

Wrothgar Forge

Reclusive Giant

Vigilant Giant



Dremora Markynaz

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