Decks Builds in The Elder Scrolls Legends can be found here. On this page you will find a list of user created decks for browsing and build ideas. Click on the decks for a visual breakdown of each, organized by their Majicka cost. Decks are constructed of a minimum of 50 Cards across 1 or 2 Attributes. For a primer on the different playstyle decks fall into, consult this Deck Building article.


Deck Builds



Name Colors Theme
Black Marsh Smugglers Argonians, Wood Elves and Khajiit - Jack of all Trades deck
Blue Green Aggro Dark Elves & Golbins - Lots of Lasp Gasp cards.
Burn Baby Burn Nords - Overwhelming with LOTS creatures
Purple and Gold Imperials - Lots of Creatures and LOTS of Guard.
Dwemer Deck   As the name says, this is a Dwemer heavy deck complimented with Animals and Dreughs.
Purple Green Control Heavy on the Argonians with some Goblins and other control cards mixed in.
Bruising Wards This deck makes use of Bretons and many cards that feature Ward.

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