Abilities in The Elder Scrolls Legends will be listed here. Cards may have special abilities which determine actions during gameplay. There are 12 different keyword abilities a creature can have in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Some are static effects that last for the duration of a creature's life, while others are one-time effects that trigger at certain moments. 






Breakthrough When a creature with Breakthrough attacks and destroys an enemy creature, it deals any excess damage to the enemy player.
Charge Most creatures must wait a turn before they can attack. Creatures with Charge can attack the turn they are played.
Drain When a card with Drain deals damage on your turn, you also gain that much health.
Guard Creatures with Guard must be attacked and destroyed before any other creature or the opponent can be attacked.
Last Gasp When a card with Last Gasp is destroyed, a bonus effect is triggered.
Lethal Creatures with Lethal destroy any creature they damage through combat or other abilities.
Pilfer When a creature with Pilfer deals damage to the enemy player, a bonus effect is triggered.
Prophecy When a card with Prophecy is drawn from losing a rune, it can be played for free.
Regenerate A creature with Regenerate fully heals at the start of your turn.
Shackle A Shackled creature misses its next attack.
Summon Creatures and supports with Summon abilities play a bonus effect when they are played.
Ward The first time a creature with Ward takes damage, prevent it.

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