Agility (Green) Cards in Elder Scrolls Legends are listed on this page. They are listed from lowest Magicka cost to highest.


Agility (Green) Cards



Murkwater Goblin


Mournhold Guardian

Ungolim the Listener


Voracious Spriggan

Daring Cutpurse

Dune Rogue


Dune Stalker

Fighters Guild Recruit


Goblin Skulk

Helstrom Footpad


Mournhold Traitor

Murkwater Savage


Murkwater Witch

Thieves Guild Recruit


Arenthia Swindler

Baandari Bruiser

Blacksap Protector


Dune Smuggler

Feasting Vulture

Giant Bat


Greenheart Knight

House Kinsman


Murkwater Butcher

Nimble Ally

Skooma Racketeer


Varanis Courier


An-Xileel Invader

Deshaan Avenger

Deshaan Sneak


Green Pact Stalker

Moonlight Werebat


Murkwater Shaman

Murkwater Skirmisher

Tenmar Swiftclaw


Territorial Viper

Torval Crook


Twilight Werebat

Camoran Scout Leader

Cliff Racer


Elder Centaur

Giant Snake

Green-Touched Spriggan



Necrom Mastermind

Pahmar-raht Renegade


Snowy Sabre Cat

Soulrest Marshal

Highland Lurker


Quin'rawl Burglar

Wild Beastcaller


Wild Spriggan

Chaurus Reaper


Spider Daedra

Tazkad the Packmaster

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