Neutral Cards in Elder Scrolls Legends are listed on this page. They are listed from lowest Magicka cost to highest.


Neutral Cards



Dwarven Spider

Maple Shield

Enraged Mudcrab

Lurking Crocodile

Ravenous Crocodile

Stalking Crocodile


Reachman Shaman

Spider Worker

Adoring Fan

Barded Guar

Crushing Blow

Dwarven Sphere


Elixir of Conflict

Forsworn Guide

Frenzied Witchman


Slaughterfish Spawning

Ageless Automaton


Dreugh Shell Armor

Ferocious Dreugh

Mundus Stone

Sparking Spider

Vicious Dreugh



Stronghold Eragicator

Stronghold Incubator

Stronghold Prototype


Dwarven Armaments

Dwarven Ballista


Halls of the Dwemer

Orb of Vaermina

Dark Harvester

Dwarven Centurion



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