Races in The Elder Scrolls Legends are listed here. Races are types of cards that are found in certain Attributes cards only and have unifying features for the race. All races appear across two attributes and those attributes define many of the cards' characteristics. They can be used in deck building to form a theme to give a constructed deck its own unique flair and flavor.

In addition to the 10 Races listed below, there are several groups of Creature cards, that behave similarly to the Races. In total, between Races and Creatures there are 28 distinct groups.

A player's selected Avatar will have no impact on the cards you can play or the types of decks you can build, but your avatar will accelerate your card collection toward cards that fall into its race's theme, allowing you to work towards building a deck using that theme as a backbone.




Each of the ten major races of Tamriel is represented in the card set, and each has a distinct mechanical theme. For example, if you're a Redguard, you'll more quickly collect weapon cards and creatures that benefit from weapons. See the Creature page for the other groups/factions represented in the game.


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