Story Campaign in The Elder Scrolls Legends is the single player story mode of the game. The story will be set in a time before the events of Skyrim, and after the events of Oblivion. Story content for the campaign is said to be between 2-4 hours long. Players will be able to complete the Story Campaign to earn new Cards for their decks, making several story choices along the way which will impact the rewards received. 

The Story Campaign is replayable so players will able to complete it as many times as they wish, in order to experience the different choices and rewards earned from them. Ther story is broken up into ?? Acts, each with a series of Chapters where you face off against an opponent after a short narrative.


Story Campaign




Story Choice


Chapter 1 The Fighting Pit 1    
Chapter 2 The Escape 1    
Chapter 3 Dark Omens 1    
Chapter 4 Bandit Ambush 1    
Chapter 5 Fugitives 1    
Chapter 6 The Hungry Pack 1    
Chapter 7 Hopes Dashed 1    
Chapter 8 Swims-at-Night 1    
Chapter 9 Broadsides 2    
Chapter 10 Unwelcome Intrusion 2 Green-Touched Spriggan or Hackwing Feather  
Chapter 11 The Rescue 2    

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