Runes in The Elder Scrolls Legends are a gameplay mechanic. 


Runes Information


  • Both players begin with 30 HP and with 5 blue Runes around your Avatars. Every time you take 5 points of damage a blue rune breaks and you instantly draw a card for free. This gives players a rally mechanic, allowing them to turn the tide of battle, even if they are being overwhelmed.
  • Some Cards have the word Prophecy written on them. When a rune breaks and the drawn card has the Prophecy ability, you’ll be able to immediately play it for free. Stack your deck with more Prophecy cards to increase your chances of successfully interrupting your opponent’s turn with a potentially game-changing addition to the play mat.
  • Additionally some cards have mechanics that benefit from a broken rune, such as an increase to their attack or a health boost to your Avatar. Cards that benefit from rune shattering are typically found in Strength (Red) and Willpower (Yellow) decks.


Cards With Rune Mechanics



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