Lanes in The Elder Scrolls Legends are the names given to each side of the halved battefield during gameplay. When players play Cards during a match they place them on 1 of the 2 lanes available.


Lanes Information

  • Lanes effectively create two battlefields, which prevents a situation where 1 card dominates the entire battlefield. A powerful card placed on 1 lane can potentially be countered from a card in the other lane.
  • The left lane is called the Field Lane. There are no special rules associated with it. It’s an unrestricted lane where creatures can fight each other with ease.
  • The right lane is called the Shadow Lane. Unlike the Field lane, this lane comes with a built-in special rule: any creature summoned here gains Cover, which protects it from attack until that player’s next turn. 
  • Cover isn’t the only lane effect you’ll encounter. In the campaign and the Arena you might find yourself on a field where one of the lanes has a fun effect. For example, creatures in one lane might be granted a random item, or maybe you’ll encounter a graveyard lane where the dead will rise again as Skeletons.


Lane Effects



Lane Effects in The Elder Scrolls Legends are defining features of the Lanes of the battlefield. When a Lane Effect is in play, any cards played in that lane are subject to the features of the Lane Effect. 

The following are the different Lane Effects players can expect to encounter during matches and the Game Modes they can be found in:


Lane Effect


Game Modes

Cover Any summoned creature is protected from attack until the player's next turn.  
Graveyard The dead rise again as Skeletons.  

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